Sally Daffarn



Nature Lover

One of our main interests are Daffarn's first known in Bray, Berkshire England in 1757 and from then traveling around Berks including Reading, Theale and Newbury and then on to London. From the mid 1880's living in Wakefield and then off to South Africa until the present generation which returned to England in the 1960's.


Another interest is the Cortie's. This line goes back to Italy but sadly I have not yet been able to make in roads beyond this. The furthest back is 1836 although I have now got links with South Africa and America


Another part of our tree is Barnes first found in 1836 in Gloucester. From there our trail leads us to Penarth and the coast guard and then on to Bristol and Plymouth in Devon.


Other names of interest are:-


Palfreyman - Derbyshire


Soult - Derbyshire


Smith - Derbyshire


Coe - Derbyshire


Shawcroft - Derbyshire


Clarke - Devon


Warren - Devon


Lobb - Cornwall


Wise - Cornwall


Chick - Somerset


Downing - Birmingham


Keeler - Cork, Ireland


Moran - Belfast, Ireland


Hue - Festubert, France


Ackerman - South Africa


Hasler - South Africa


If you have any links or interests with these names please contact me at


A Sampler made by Emma Smith aged 8 in 1833


Photograph thanks to Hilary Faulkner