Sally Daffarn

The DAFFARN name is my foremost interest in my Family history quest. It is a very unusual name and does not seem to have been researched by others.


I have managed to research it back as far as 1754 in Bray, Berkshire but as their genes are full of travelling instincts they go as far as South Africa to the south, Ireland to the west, Wakefield to the North and Kent to the east!


The Daffarn Ancestor tree is far reaching and travels as far back as 1576 on one branch.


The Descendants of Edward Daffarn can be found here


The ancestor tree can be found here



Charles Louis Daffarn on his wedding day

Maurice Daffarn who died at war

L to R Ruby Cortie-Fenix, Madge Cortie-Greeff, Aggie Cortie-Jackson, Verna Cortie-Daffarn

Grave of Charles Edward Daffarn and his mother Naomi Daffarn